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Nuclear Quality Knowledge (NQK)

The Nuclear Quality Knowledge (NQK) is a nuclear industry guidance document that has been written by members of the CQI Nuclear Special Interest Group (NucSIG) to complement the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) Body of Quality Knowledge (BoQK).

NQK aims to highlight the differences or nuances that a quality professional will experience on joining or supplying the nuclear sector, and which are a consequence of the special hazards and regulatory requirements that apply.  This is a significant part of what is sometimes called the “Nuclear Delta”.


The initial version of the NQK was produced in September 2011. A significantly updated version was launched on 01/05/13 at an event in central London. This event was held jointly by; the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Nuclear Institute, the Nuclear Industries Association and the CQI’s Nuclear Special Interest Group.

A review of NQK 2013 was carried out in 2018. The current version, NQK 2019, was subsequently produced. NQK 2019 retains 10 of the 11 chapters that were in NQK 2013.  The content has been aligned with the latest ISO standards, IAEA documents and ONR Technical Assessment Guides.  Hyperlinks and references have been reviewed and updated. The chapter on International Approaches has been expanded to include more countries. The chapter on History of UK nuclear has been removed.


NQK 2019 was re-launched at NucSIG’s event on “Culture for Nuclear Safety” held on 13/06/19 at Hunterston B.

Since this, the NQK has been further developed with the addition of a "Fusion" chapter in March 2023.









An additional activity is also being completed in background as the NucSIG sub-group the NNG are fully reviewing and working on the NQK to make the document more appealing, fun, vibrant and easy to use for the next generation of quality professional.


We will also align the NQK with the new CQI competency framework and the NSAN nuclear framework to ensure the document may also be used fully to aid SQEP. We also intend to run the NQK on application for use on smart phones and other smart devices.

We welcome your feedback. Please send any comments email:

Original 2013 NQK Launch Video

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